Alliance for Responsible Planning, is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit corporation focused on issues that are important within El Dorado County.  Our friends call us EDCARP. 


EDCARP is an alliance of local volunteers from every corner of El Dorado County, with diverse backgrounds in agriculture, business and public service, who seek to:

  • stimulate the local economy,
  • support job growth in our community,
  • improve and maintain our roads to prevent gridlock,
  • ensure a reliable water supply for current needs and for future generations,
  • promote and enhance agriculture as an important economic sector, and
  • preserve the rural character of El Dorado County.

EDCARP is comprised of volunteers committed to county-wide long-range planning efforts for the benefit of El Dorado county as a whole.  We are building a coalition with a long-term perspective and a purpose beyond a single issue or single election.

EDCARP supports implementation of the El Dorado County General Plan, adopted in 2004 and ratified by the voters.  We support local control of important land-use decisions affecting our community.

EDCARP is not controlled by big development interests or neighborhood-centric advocates, nor are we driven by regional, local or personal agendas.


EDCARP opposes ballot box planning and initiatives promoted by personal interests and agendas with a narrow focus that do not take into account the needs of the entire county.

EDCARP does not advocate on behalf of large developers proposing General Plan land use amendments to increase residential density of their properties.  We support the Board of Supervisor's determination, in 2011, that General Plan land use changes are not necessary to achieve the plan's goals and objectives.

EDCARP opposes tactics that can ultimately divide communities - rather than unite them.

EDCARP opposes half-truths and manipulated information used to promote political ballot measures that benefit the few, rather than our community as a whole.  We trust the voters will make the right decisions to keep our community and our economy strong and healthy when voters are presented with the facts.

Our Board of Directors:

Maryann Argyres, President

Bill Bacchi, Chief Financial Officer

Gordon Vicini, Secretary